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The Saga of the Great Inglesh Tenses

A Grammatical and Truth-Seeking Fantasy

in Four Parts for Language Lovers and Beyond

* each part consists of two or three books

* the anagram Inglesh, read like English /ˈɪŋ.glɪʃ/

The Kingdom: Book 1


*The Kingdom (American English), Book 1, is now available at Amazon.

The Twin Babes Primal Space and Time


Once before any temporality,

Primal Space and Time

Had eight dreams,

Which became fairylands.



Klarathy kept going. Even a snail’s pace felt better than no pace at all. If her path through life looked like the one crossing this emerald field, she would breathe more freely. She would cope with its twists and turns if her path spread wider. But it didn’t. It just didn’t. Though forever winter within, it was late spring outside.

So young, this wheat. What does it know about life? the woman mused.

Infinitely more than you do, a remote thought laid into her.

Klarathy felt the knots in her stomach. A sighing indrawn breath swept away the mental clouds. Onward she moved along the meandering path as her head swiveled left and right. The pea gravel crunched under her footfalls, striking a concordant note with the chirping and the susurration around. The breeze picked up a bit. Klarathy cast a look down the length of her billowing tunic, the ghost of a smile on her plump lips. It had been so inspired a decision to buy this floral model in two more patterns.

The Nomaryan squinted her slanting eyes, the color of starless skies, and tilted her head back. In no time, more slivers of lemon light started to kiss her face. She lowered her head and blinked several times before she resumed scrutinizing the vast expanse of young wheat.

A distant song, of larks and pipits, melted into the melodious counterpoint around.

Klarathy drew in the balmy fragrances wafted along by the breeze, then exhaled slowly, also through the nose. It felt so good to breathe without sighing.


Primal Heart

Many a time in the last four years, Klarathy had heard a male voice when she lived with her heart, yet not every time she felt open-hearted. It was a dimpling voice—because its cheerfulness gave the impression that its possessor smiled all the time.

The woman from Nomarya knew many people with dimpling voices, including her family and her best friend Issany. Unfortunately, their joviality would not rub off on her, however long she stayed in their company.

As it turned out four years ago, the voice she had started to hear out of the blue lacked an actual owner. Hearing bodiless voices speak about the Universe was hardly something to boast about, yet Klarathy felt blessed to listen to the amazing things the voice would always say, even to those hopelessly mysterious. For instance, the very first time she had heard it, the voice had confirmed the accuracy of the phrases open heart and living with the heart. However, the best way to denote true balance was living from the primal heart continuously, the voice had added. Klarathy took to the new expression at once, for all its cryptic shape.

“I wish I could live like this one day,” she said at the time—inwardly, of course. “I would give anything not to feel empty- or heavy-hearted ever again.”

“Your Highness, the primal heart can never be empty of love, nor heavy with sadness,” the voice said in the most soothing tones its hearer had ever heard.

“I beg to differ, though I know nothing of the primal heart.” With a deep shudder, Klarathy recalled how broken-hearted she had been when a neighbor had killed several stray kittens. She gave a long sigh. Paradoxically enough, her current state couldn’t jeopardize the love she still felt in her heart.

“The primal heart is the purest awareness present within the subconscious and the physical heart together,” the voice explained in its languid manner.

Klarathy chewed on her lower lip. “Purest, you say?”

Awareness? a thought echoed in the distance.

So the primal heart does belong to the mind, after all, another thought decided.

Besides its many other functions, the subconscious mind was the seat of all emotions. As to the physical heart, it had a brain of its own, which worked in sync with the other neurons. That much Klarathy knew, yet she failed to understand what the voice had said.

Why does everything have to do with the mind?

“The primal heart is the seat of Wisdomed Love, which can never be spoiled, marred, warped, or broken. Whenever you E’Raathians choose to feel this Supreme energy, you name it love, gratitude, appreciation, respect, friendship, compassion, commitment, cooperation, care, relationship, symbiosis, interconnection, enlightenment, illumination, consciousness, awareness, and suchlike. When you choose not to feel it, you harbor either rational or negative emotions.”

Klarathy was unsure she had heard it right. “Rational emotions?”

The voice let out a velvety chuckle. “Unconditional gratitude comes from the primal heart. Rational gratitude comes from the mind and is usually accompanied by the fear of losing what one is grateful for. However—”

“Then, that’s the only kind I’ve ever known,” the woman chimed in, with a deep sigh. “I think gratitude rather than feel it.”

“—rational gratitude feels much healthier than any form of ingratitude, which comes from an active ego. No negativity can stem from the primal heart, although not all is harmful,” the dimpling voice finished.

Bad feelings aren’t entirely bad, a thought concurred in the distance.

Klarathy welcomed it only to push it away several seconds later. As much as she wanted the duality of negativity explained, the novelty of the primal heart still caught her full attention. She tapped her burning cheeks with cold fingers, hopeful that her abnormal equanimity would last. “If the primal heart can be neither empty nor heavy, then it can’t be closed either,” she ventured.

“Indeed, Your Highness. No life experience can close your primal heart, although there are many times when you feel exactly the opposite.”

“Then, what’s the point of using all of these heart phrases in the first place?”

The voice gave a small understanding laugh. “These expressions depict what you feel whenever you live or fail to live from your primal heart.” The woman found herself picturing a rosebud slowly opening itself. “You E’Raathians speak mostly about love, yet there is also wisdom flowing through your primal hearts—whenever your minds follow your primal hearts continuously. Wisdomed Love has no boundaries, although you feel closed-hearted whenever you cannot tap into this Supreme energy.”

Klarathy ignored the new flood of questions—most likely because she still felt like a carefree bird.

“You will learn more about the primal heart when the time of your life is ripe, Your Highness.”

Unfortunately, only seconds later Klarathy lost her open-heartedness, so she missed the chance to find out the voice’s identity.


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