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Holistic Universe


We are body, mind, and soul. Only if we see ourselves as a perfect whole, can we live a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life.

Earth is a holistic puzzle, as is the whole Universe. All pieces ever created have a well-established place in these concentric puzzles, which share the same vibrational center.

Thus, we too are puzzles, so our sole mission in life is to put all of our existential pieces together.

Why Holistic English?


A holistic approach to English sees the language as a whole, focusing on everything life on Earth entails … in English.

Holistic English is therefore another puzzle, another big picture, including the atomistic approach, which divides language into grammatical structures.

Its purpose is twofold:

(1) to help you communicate effectively in English

(2) to help you see yourself as a whole at all times  


Nothing works separately. We may break life into bits and pieces to understand it better, but sometimes we forget that life should be experienced only comprehensively, as a whole.

We are all holistic beings, so we should fully assimilate this universal truth and live accordingly.

Holistic English is English about You as a perfect whole!

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