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Holistic Lesson 1


1. The Theme of the Day

Theme 1
Life 1.jpg
Prayer 1

2. The Prayer of the Day

Dear Universe,

I’ve been sullen and morose lately, complaining about everything and everyone. I know I’m supposed to see life through a child’s eyes, no matter how old I am. I want to be free from the constraints of personal and social anxiety and to live each moment intensely. Please help me experience the fun and joy of my life in action so that I can laugh often and much. Thank you. Amen.

flash 21.jpg

3. The Mantra of the Day

I have all I have ever wanted, and even more.

Mantra 1

4. The Question of the Day

Is it my ego or my true self thinking right now?

5. Open Yourself Up to the Answer of the Universe and Write It Down


Existential Q&A 1

6. The Proverb of the Day

Strike the iron while it’s hot.

Proverb 1
Joke 1

7. The Joke of the Day

The teacher asks little Tim:

“What exactly makes Alexander the Great so famous?”

“His extraordinary memory,” answered the boy.

“What do you mean?”

“On his statue, it reads: ‘To the memory of Alexander the Great.’”

B. Language Focus

Indefinite Article

Indefinite Article


Reflect on Three Crumbles for Thought

Three Crumbles for Thought 1

Crumble 1

It isn’t a certain animate or inanimate reality but your own mental harness that can really harm you. Your outer world draws its sap from the energies of your inner realms. Stop your mind from becoming a strong harbinger of negativity.

Crumble 2

Your extreme acts and exaggerated attitudes usually betray your deepest fears. It’s no use wanting to prove your worthiness to others or to correct your past mistakes. Live for the sake of living, and you’ll feel no regrets, no remorse whatsoever. Choose to strew flowers down the life aisle, ahead of your true self.

Crumble 3

If you bump into a door, do you think it’s the door’s fault that it was standing in your way? In spite of having grammatical structures like “The door won’t open” or “We had our front door broken down in the blast”, doors don’t have a mind of their own to feel guilty or responsible. A certain proverb starts with "it takes two to …", but in your case, it takes only one to do all the important stuff. It is only You that can choose to make a detour when seeing a dead-end road, a wall, or a closed door ahead.


1. The Tip of the Day

I have discovered that not all plain or spring water is good for me. For instance, if I drink the water my boyfriend usually drinks, I feel bloated. Therefore, my favorite water is different from his. The fact that we usually buy two different bottled water brands proves that we don’t question each other’s individuality; on the contrary, we treat our unique selves with deep respect.

Handy Tip 1
Knee Tucks

2. The Physical Workout of the Day

Here’s a fitness-ball exercise for your core muscles (your back and hip muscles, as well as your abs).

Knee Tucks

Step-by-step instructions

1. Place your hands firmly on the floor.

2. Put your legs on the ball, with your shins resting on top of it.

3. Keep your back perfectly straight, as if you were ready to do a push-up.

4. Bring your knees toward your  chest while rolling the ball forward toward your arms.

5. Hold this position for a few seconds.

6. Avoid curving your back upward.

7. Return your legs to the initial position while rolling the fitness ball all the way back.

8. Crunch your abs during the movement.

9. Repeat as many times as you can.

​​​​​​3. The Recipe of the Day

Here is a tasty and nutrient-dense dish for meat-eaters.



Recipe3 - Homemade Pate


1 egg

2 large beef liver chunks, largely cut

1 medium onion, baked

1 cup extra virgin olive oil

¼ teaspoon unrefined sea salt

½ moderate lemon, juiced (optional)

1½ teaspoons mixed seasonings of your choice



1. Put liver chunks in a pot.

2. Add spring water to cover them.

3. Boil them for 10 minutes with 1 teaspoon mixed herbs.

4. Bake onion for 10 minutes.

5. Put boiled liver, oil, salt, egg, onion, and ½ mixed herbs in a blender.

6. Blend until smooth.

7. Add lemon juice, if so desired. (optional)

8. Transfer to a mixing bowl.

9. Whisk it until smooth as desired.

10. Serve chilled on slices of sweet red pepper or homemade bread.

Visualization 1 - Dog Train Your Ego Puppy

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​4. The Mental Workout of the Day

Dog Train Your Ego Puppy

Step 1

You know very well that a puppy is too cute to make you angry with its careless behavior.

You just have to teach your puppy what’s allowed and what’s not.

Even when scolded, a puppy will innocently wag its little tail.

For instance, you have been dragged into a confusing life situation due to your ego.

Imagine your ego is a harmlessly disobedient puppy.

Send your ego puppy back to its place, lovingly showing it the way.

It will definitely go to sleep, wagging its little tail.

Don’t let your ego wag your entire being instead!

Always remember that your ego is just an ignorant puppy waiting to be lovingly trained.

​​​​Step 2

Use this mental exercise in your daily life to learn how to deal with your egoic mind.

Embellish the puppy image with your own related ideas and images.

Let go of all stressful moments and situations.

Forgive yourself for past mistakes.

Open yourself to self-acceptance.

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