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AilamA® is a vast holistic project aimed at healing our planet and making the world a better place through English.

The AilamA® Project will be mainly a database stemming from our entitlement to happiness as well as our holistic interconnection. Thus, it will soon start to contain records of every contemporary contribution to the welfare of our world, in English.

If ever an English program could unite our differing individualities, the AilamA® Project is it. You too can be a very welcome part of the AilamA® Project. All walks of contemporary life can be expressed or described in English.

You may be an uplifting writer, a life coach, a sports trainer, a Yoga teacher, a motivating musician, a passionate gardener, a kind-hearted lawyer, a kindergarten teacher, a teenage poet, a young dancer, a stay-at-home mom, a self-taught carpenter – you name it.  

Tell the rest of the world about You through the AilamA® Project! You don’t need to be a native speaker or to have a perfect command of English to become a member of the AilamA® Project.

Let’s all express our true selves in English without judgment. Let’s love ourselves and each other to heal and preserve our trinity: Body, Mind, and Soul. Life is way too short to waste it on wrong dreams.We are all interconnected, not competing against each other.

Be part of the AilamA® Project now! All you have to do is send an email with/about your contribution to the global welfare so that it will be recorded in the AilamA® database and everyone will know about it.

I am the AilamA® Project!

You too can be the AilamA® Project! Join soon and spread the word! English is the language of all worlds!

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