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The Kingdom, Book 1 is now available at Amazon.

This book series is a grammatical and truth-seeking fantasy in four parts, for language-lovers and beyond.



The anagram Inglesh is read like English /ˈɪŋ.glɪʃ/


Part One: The Kingdom
Part Two: The Family
Part Three: The Journey
Part Four: The Offspring



Each part consists of either two or three books.



The Saga of the Great Inglesh Tenses


Once upon no time, in the Kingdom’s Spiral and Unbounded, there was only one language, made of pure vibration. 

Once upon no time, The Liege wrote the Course in the Archbook.

Once upon no time, the twin babes Primal Space and Time had eight dreams, which became fairylands.

Once upon one time, in the first unphysical realm, the first-ever word-language created itself from Wisdomed Love.

Much later, in the realm of Syteeria, King Indicative and Queen Semantics became the proud parents of not one, but three baby boys.

But Present-Simple, Future-Simple, and Past-Simple were destined to be more than Syteerian princes, with a unique price to pay – a price beyond any space and time.

Eons later, in the first physical realm ever, a former teacher struggled to become balanced. Despite being an overthinker, the E’Raathian Klarathy could hear her Prime Voice, a miracle no unphysical luminary could explain. And, when the woman from Nomarya embarked upon a journey like no other, many other miracles started to happen, and the Archbook needed rewriting.



Part One

The Kingdom

Book One


Klarathy’s journey has begun. Her steps are taking her to places she’s only dreamed of.

Klarathy loves to imagine things. If only her mind would faithfully follow her heart!

Her Prime Voice says the ego is the primordial minus. And so many other extraordinary things Slaaratoo says about all that lives in the Kingdom.

But Klarathy knows that hearing a bodiless voice speak in Primal English isn’t exactly normal. What about seeing fairies? Is she losing her mind? She loves to teach Inglesh, the only mental version of Primal English, and yet she has quit her teaching job.

Will she learn to keep her heart open for 1,137 minutes? Will she make peace with her overanalytical mind?

Are you one of the truth seekers who keep searching into the mysteries of the Universe? Are you one of the language lovers who secretly believe that English tenses are much more than just grammatical structures? Do you love fairy tales and fantasies?

Then join Klarathy on her way to harmony and balance! Her journey could be your journey. Her stream of consciousness could be the answer your wholeness has been looking for.

For the first time ever, a story as old as the Kingdom itself will be revealed to you.  

Whoever and wherever you are, the time has come for you to believe truly that anything is possible.  

Read, learn, enjoy, and your life will never be the same!

You, too, can speak Primal English, the language of Wisdomed Love.

Primal English is the language of the primal heart!

Primal English is the language of the Kingdom!

Primal English is the language of all worlds!



The Kingdom, Book One can also be regarded as a holistic novel, for your body, mind, and soul.

Sewn into its literary fabric are the following fantasy, truth-seeking, and grammatical threads:


  1. The Three Emperors: A Grammatical Fairy Tale

  2. Your Personal Tense Axis: A Life-Size Temporal Axis

  3. The Tense Meditation: A Grammatical Chakra Opener 

  4. The Matrix: A Holistic Formula for Harmony and Balance 




May your English help you stay whole!



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