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To Rhyme or not to Rhyme

Why We Should All Write Poetry

Last evening, while I was rushing to get somewhere on time (fat chance!), a book popped into my mind. It’s called “The Six Maladies of the Contemporary Spirit” by a great philosopher, Constantin Noica. These maladies are all related to our distorted way of perceiving the abstract, the concrete, the general, the individual, the creation process, the relation between time and space …

“yes is a world
& in this world of
(skilfully curled)
all worlds" (e e cummings)

So, according to Noica, it was one such malady that had made Pygmalion fall in love with one of his sculptures, Galatheea.

Thou shall not fall in love with your creations

This seems to be the one and only commandment all artists should abide by in order to stay creative.

But do they really succeed? After any manifestation of their creativity, do they really detach themselves from their babies before sending them out into the world to bring joy to others?

All artists … We are all artists. Our true mission in life is to turn the latent part of our kundalini-shakti into dynamic energy to fully express ourselves. Only our creativity can save us from living robotic, mechanical lives, set on survival mode alone.

Whatever the general recipe for continuous creativity (if there really is one), we need to discover our own version and then learn it by heart before it’s too late.

Or ... we should all start to write sincere, cathartic poetry and then share it with the rest of the world. It would be the ultimate act of literary kindness. We would become free to love our babies while letting them go. Some of us are old enough to have lived in modern times, when symbolism was a character in its own right. Nevertheless, our cathartic poems would not be infected with cryptic messages without substance.

We would all heal ourselves of Pygmalion’s spiritual disease, or of whatever other malady can stifle our creative force. One moment we would cuddle our poems close, the next we would feel our rhymes or non-rhymes swing and sway gracefully while melting into others’ hearts. We would be happy and empathic. Others, too …

Only cathartic poetry is able to create clear images in our heart.

No poem should be a Math problem to be solved in a very mental way. What did the poet mean by that? That’s just an anti-mantra. It doesn’t matter what the author means. What truly matters is how a poem makes us feel. Under a poetry shower, our mind should start dilating, giving up its incessant search for meaning.

Not all ends should meet.

Cathartic poetry is a shortcut to the equanimity of the subconscious mind, even for those unfamiliar with silencing the mind as a surviving technique.

If the Universe were speaking in words, not magnetic vibrations, it would most certainly choose poetry as its mother tongue – a sort of lyrical matrix comprising all the sincere poems ever written on its planets.

Give your heart a chance! Feed it on cathartic poetry, yours and others’!

We are all artists, creators. All we have to do is remember our universal strength and then share it with others. That’s creative interconnection!

The Universe loves us all!

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