The AilamA® Emotional Cookbook and Nutrition Program (Revised)

Updated: May 18, 2021

89 Quick and Easy Recipes for Sincere Eating

All Year Around

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Excerpt 1


Hello, dear truth seeker! How is your tri-faceted self feeling today?

Thank you for learning new things every day about yourself and the world we live in! And thank you for protecting our beloved planet by being your true self!

You are reading these lines because you want to be healthy, happy, and fulfilled at all times, and therefore healthy eating is definitely one of the cornerstones of your harmony and balance.

Naturally, your way of cooking combines all the nutrition information you have been garnering for years, consciously and unconsciously. That’s a significant part of how you are evolving and keeping your body healthy. But you are well aware that the synergy of your body, mind, and soul can be easily disturbed by any dysfunction, big or small.

That’s why you should trust your own individuality before anything else! It’s the only way to remain connected to the universal truths stored within your subconscious mind from the very beginning of your life on Earth. One of these truths says that there is only health in the Universal Substance, whose perfect part you are right now!

You certainly know that there’s no such thing as a completely new recipe. The ingredients are always the same precious gifts offered by our beloved planet, but we can anytime add a magic touch to a traditional recipe through different cooking methods and/or surprising combinations.

You may also know that it’s more about how we eat than what we eat, and that one man’s food may be someone else’s poison.

Always listen to your body’s signals! If you are told, for instance, that a certain vegetable is miraculous, but your body rejects it, don’t struggle to push a square peg into a round hole.

If you still wonder why we are all craving highly processed foods, please remember that the act of healthy dieting starts in the mind, as does anything else. In time, our minds can better differentiate between detrimental and beneficial foods on more grounds than just taste and smell, especially when our liver and gallbladder start to function properly.

The AilamA® Cookbook is primarily a 365 culinary project, but also a comprehensive personal guide to emotional eating, a 28-day eating plan, and, last but not least, a very special English-learning textbook.

There are fifty-two weeks in a year. You can start this 365-day culinary journey at any time. Read the two recipes of each week and feel free to adjust them to your uniqueness (sometimes, there is only one recipe per week). You can even put the weeks and their corresponding recipes in a different order, if that’s what you feel like doing.

As an added bonus, this cookbook book also contains two special recipes, one for your skin, the other for your hair, to help you trust natural ingredients even more.

On the interactive pages You Matter!, you can write down your sincere answers to the questions related to the proposed recipes.

Make sure you take the most artistic pictures you can of the foods you have cooked following The AilamA® Recipes.

Since The AilamA® Emotional Cookbook is much more than a 365 project, it can also help you make peace with your emotional eating through an overt relation between The AilamA® Recipes and no less than seventy of your main feelings. As an added bonus, there is a table of contents for The AilamA® Emotional Cookbook and a list of your positive and negative emotions in alphabetical order, called The AilamA® Emotional Index.

The AilamA® Nutrition Program is a 28-day meal plan based on The AilamA® Recipes. It respects the general nutrition guidelines you can find in any reliable specialty book, yet without asking you to focus on endless calculations of calories or on exact percentages of nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals.

Unless you are in desperate need of a dramatic dietary change on grounds of poor health, in which case you should consult a local professional, The AilamA® Nutrition Program can provide you with a different view on your eating routines.

Because of the small quantities needed at each meal, this eating plan is perfect for the whole family so that you won’t have to cook different dishes for others, but share the same meal with them, meat or no meat.

If your body responds well to The AilamA® Nutrition Program, you are free to prolong it indefinitely; or you can make any new combinations you want based on the dietary suggestions written before The AilamA® Recipes, or the answers to the dietary questions you will find right after The AilamA® Nutrition Program.

Whether you are a language learner and want to practice your English in a fun way, or you are a native speaker, The AilamA® Emotional Cookbook may be what you are looking for in order to preserve your greatness in the midst of your everyday life.

As to the specialized language, apart from the food vocabulary, The AilamA® Recipes also contain lots of imperative verbs, along with special adverbs and adverbial phrases, while they leave out most articles, pronouns, and connectives.

This multipurpose cooking journal is yours to work with in any way you like – just listen to your heart, the true captain of your body, mind, and soul!

Honor the act of cooking and eating while honoring your Yin and Yang energies!

Your kitchen is your castle. Your food is your loyal, colorful servant.

Be the queen or the king of your life!

Eat healthily, exercise, meditate, think big!

You really matter! Cook, serve, enjoy!

Excerpt 2

About the AilamA® Emotional Cookbook

The AilamA® Emotional Cookbook is primarily offering quick and healthy recipes, whether you are a vegetarian or a meat-eater.

In a family, it should be easy to respect each other’s dietary choices, right?

We should never eat anything detrimental for the mere reason that we have to cook for the whole family.

All the family chefs might be frowning now, thinking that The AilamA® Emotional Cookbook is going to advise them to prepare different, time-consuming dishes for each and every family member.

No way! The AilamA® Emotional Cookbook is going to ask nobody to spend the rest of their lives in the kitchen.

Instead, what about quick single-dish meals with different touches to please everyone?

A. The AilamA® Emotional Cookbook recommends


You can always prepare meat separately from the rest of any dish.

Surprisingly enough, your meals will not be deprived of their meaty taste. On the contrary, they will abound in blending flavors.

Most importantly, they will be much healthier and will respect all the individualities sitting around the same table.

You can cook various types of meat in different ways, depending on their initial texture.

You should go for lean, fat-free organic meat, which comes from grass-fed animals, especially if you are a regular meat-eater. Thus, you will avoid ingesting considerable amounts of harmful hormones or other dangerous chemical ingredients along with your daily meals.

After having cooked meat in one of the ways mentioned below, you can cut it into small pieces or grind it in order to add it to your dishes.