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Reclaim Your Health in Self-Awakening Times: Body Therapy

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Fighting fire with fire, that's what's been happening in the world in these troubled times. This is the wake-up call to the humankind.

Food is poison; food is medicine. We keep ignoring what our collective physicality is telling us: Our immune systems can't beat aggressive viruses. It may be already too late for many of those under mechanical ventilation poor souls!

God help us all to see the open secrets of this worldwide conundrum!

It doesn't take too much science to become conscious, once and for all, that bad gas leads to a poorly functioning car. 

Let's take a holistic approach to our protection and prevention! If we were to break this vicious circle and reverse our physical weaknesses, which organ may be responsible for the good functioning of the rest of the body? We don't need to be doctors to find the right answer, but doctors, naturopaths, and energy workers alike can confirm it once we've found it: the pancreas

We all lack pancreatic enzymes these days. All of us, no exception, hence the over secretion of mucus everywhere in the body, especially throughout the respiratory system. The liver, kidney, spleen, and gallbladder meridians are collectively affected. The virus creates a hyper reactive response of the human body, which mainly mimics the symptoms of an aggressive form of cystic fibrosis. That's what my holistic eyes and my healing intuition are telling me.

What should we do, then, to help our bodies return to perfect health? 

Here's my fastest form of prevention:

1. Buy and take Pancreatic Enzymes

If not loaded with harmful excipients, enzyme supplements can quickly start alleviating serious pre-existing conditions such as adrenal fatigue, bad cholesterol, insulin resistance, pancreatic insufficiency, high estrogen, intestinal disorders, thyroid and pituitary dysfunctions. If left untreated, these dysfunctions can lead to chronic ailments, autoimmune diseases, and different types of cancerous growths.

2. Stop eating any kind of refined carbs

I'm sorry to say, but no human body will ever thrive on any distorted forms of macronutrients. The more processed the foods we choose are, the worse. Of course it will take more time to make pizza and pasta at home, for instance, with homemade flours and healthy substitutes for the other ingredients. But saving time by eating processed foods that taste great does not compensate for the losses we will suffer in the long run. Our health is more important than eating for instant gratification let's all try to keep this in mind!

3. Stop eating any kind of seeds, nuts, and legumes.

Needless to say that most isoflavones and lectins are not well tolerated by healthy bodies, if consumed on a daily basis, let alone by weakened, virus-ridden organisms. Besides, for weakened bodies with high levels of bad cholesterol, oils (either refined or unrefined) aren't a great choice of fat either, be it saturated or otherwise.

4. Start eating healthy fats.

If avocados weren't part of your diet until now, it's time for you to make them. Not only can them supply your body with the fatty acids it daily needs, but they can also sustain your inner defense mechanisms against the long-term effects of bad cholesterol. And that's just one aspect of the beneficial influence this miracle food can have on our bodies.

The same goes for the mercury-free types of fatty fish, which we can always combine with no-fat skinless fish like hake, perch, and pike-perch for an extra-boost of lean protein.

As regards olives, we can also use them, sparingly, as a source of healthy fats, but only if we can find them cured in a very natural way (for instance, only naturally dried and salted with natural rock salt).

5. Start eating fermented gherkins and carrots. 

The cucumbers and carrots pickled in brine may be the safest sources of live probiotics, without the side effects of all dairy products (fermented or not), or the fermented cruciferous like sauerkraut, which contain goitrogens. If you can pickle cucumbers and carrots at home, do it without the usual pickling spices, like dill and garlic.

6. Start drinking barley coffee. 

Besides its many other benefits, barley may be the safest source of prebiotics (beta-glucan), which constitute the food of the friendly bacteria in the digestive tract.

7. Start eating carob powder.

Aside from its many other benefits, carob may be one of the best hormonal regulators Mother Nature has offered to us.

8. Start eating natural rock salt.

It goes without saying that table salt is out of the question, especially when our lives are at stake. Of all types of natural salt, the human body seems to love rock salt the most, I've come to realize.

9. Start eating electrolytic foods. 

The best combination is orange with rock salt this is purely my own discovery, and far surpasses the benefits of orange juice with salt.

Cut the orange into slices and sprinkle salt fearlessly over them. This seems to be one of the best remedies for dehydration, of which we all suffer.

Drowning our bodies in drinking water is in no way the means of ensuring intracellular water as well as the necessary amount of micronutrients and electrolytes. On the contrary, the more we drink, the more dehydrated or, worse still, overhydrated we become. The human body should remember to take water from natural foods and drink "the liquid of life" only when thirsty.

10. Start eating dried figs and dates.

However, they should be the bio type, and definitely not the ones dried unnaturally, with all kinds of sulfites.

These miraculous dried fruits can help our thyroid glands to function properly, among the many other benefits they can have. And when the thyroid is happy, one good thing is that bad fat is broken down and the levels of bad cholesterol start going down.

The fresh versions are also beneficial, of course, yet harder to find at different times of the year.

11. Start eating mangoes and baked apples.

As far as I am concerned, mango is the healthiest fruit on this beautiful planet.

Bio apples may be the second best choice, especially for the stomachs that are not very acidic. That's why, the best way to tolerate healthy apples can be by baking them, or eating them raw at the last meal. Moreover, we could use the juice resulting from baking them to sweeten our barley coffee.

12. Start drinking natural coconut water, directly from the young coconut.

For those fortunate enough to have easy access to it, coconut water may be the second best natural source of electrolytes, besides orange with rock salt.

So this is my first-aid kit in these troubled times. No pills or other toxic substances that could make the virus thrive, instead of killing it. Why? Because these substances further attack our already weakened immune systems, creating a much more favorable environment for the virus to develop and assault our bodies.

It's not the virus that's killing us; it's our pre-existing conditions that are augmented by this form of very aggressive flu.

It's time to start a new era of physicality one in which we'll take holistic, open-hearted care of our bodies because without the shell, where else would our minds and souls live? 

May we all get and stay healthy! 


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