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Good Ego

"The ego is the primordial minus," the Prime Voice explained. “When either awake or dormant, its passive and active states will separate, so ego-bearers will disproportionately focus on survival, most of the time, excluding evolution altogether. A solely active ego is reactive while a solely passive ego is resigned to anything.”

"Too much or too little willpower,” Klarathy supplied as several teenaged memories jumped into mental view of their own accord. Hope I’ve never been focused on survival alone—not even back then … "Bad negativity can distort everything," she added with a shudder.

"Detrimental negativity can indeed distort time, space, life, and energy," confirmed Slaaratoo.

Klarathy found herself giving a puckered smile, despite the serious, ego-related thoughts roiling in her head. "Time, space, life, and energy … You are using

this division for the sake of my limited understanding, I know."

"Your understanding is anything but limited, Your Highness."

Klarathy breathed in deeply, lips slightly parted. She still had difficulty accepting her Prime Voice’s compliments. Too much ego—or rather, too active.

Welldonitis …

"Wait a minute," she said with a gasp of fresh realization. "You have actually used the division from Cogitarium. The book proposes this theory that Time, Space, Energy, and Life have always shared the same twofold goal: to survive and evolve. When something can no longer attain this goal, it’s allowed to disappear, to die—to transform, more precisely. The dead parts cannot endanger the categories they belong to: Time, Space, Energy, or Life. It all happens at an individual level. Well, the book also says that Time, Space, and Life are actually all forms of Energy, since everything is vibration flowing in different forms and at different speeds. It does seem to concur with what you’ve said so far about—everything. But I’m not sure the book’s gotten it all correct. I think I’ll read it again sometime soon. I remember the examples: the trees, the flowers, the grass … They all want to survive and grow, by nature. And that’s what they do. Even when an animal dies—or an entire species goes extinct, for that matter—life as a whole still survives and moves on. And there’s also death by accident when the body is broken before its time. I think that’s one of the many cases when the ego goes astray, so to speak. When it emanates bad negativity …” But nothing compares to those who survive without growing. All the bad people—dead while still living … Hope I’ve never been like that, ever. Or have I? What if I’ve been one of them all this time? Bad, bad ego … very bad … Oh!

Klarathy felt breathless, for all the silent fashion of her verbosity. "Even the mountains want to survive—and be great. At least that’s what the book said."

What a stupid idea! How can matter ever have an ego? a thought guffawed. Klarathy shrugged it off.

"Yes, Your Highness," confirmed Slaaratoo. "The same is the case with slow-beings, like the mountains, or even objects like the chairs. However, their ego very much depends on whether Master Simples use them in either positive or negative ways."

Think of all the ore extracted from the mountains and used to make killing weapons. Or the trees felled to make gallows, in the past, proposed a thought.

"Oh yes, people can create—can even enjoy making—negative objects," Klarathy agreed, with a small shudder. What about children in their defenseless stage? When their subconscious only receives unfiltered information from their family and others—information that usually turns them into innocent victims later—or into forever prisoners of randomly amalgamated mindsets, which were not theirs in the first place … What do you make of that? Klarathy gave another shudder. That was, no doubt, a subject for another time.

A short silence ensued.

It was Slaaratoo that spoke first. "The bottom line is that duality is a feature that all beings and slow-beings have in common."

"Yet not everyone has a Prime Voice. Only Master Simples do, right?” Klarathy said. I’ll never see the ego as Kundalini!

That’s why you’ll never be a mind master.

The by-thoughts tasted bitter, but the E’Raathian chose to stick with the main line of thinking, keen to steer the conversation into a much safer direction. Otherwise, her mind would have regained complete control of her wholeness, according to a prescient warning in close proximity.

Slaaratoo gave a small congratulatory laugh. "Well done, Your Highness."

For all her other thoughts, Klarathy clapped her hands together in delight. But her attempt to keep her egoic mind at bay didn’t pan out: Her heart had only just closed!

Your accepting Slaaratoo’s compliment hasn’t been authentic, a hoarse thought snapped.

It’s OK, said the smattering of open-heartedness left in her head.

Klarathy struggled to ignore the former. "Thank you so much for being my Prime Voice," she said aloud.

It never left, her Slaaratoo. It was always within earshot, or rather, mindshot.


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